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Inspiration comes in many ways - A Personal Story

Hi everyone. I wanted to share an inspirational message this Thanksgiving. Hope this thanksgiving message motivates and inspires you. My personal story to remind us how to find purpose in our lives.

About Us

The Book

  •   THE STUDENT WITHIN not only answers that question but solves the problem. Part memoir and part compendium, Pfaff uses anecdotal evidence to illustrate how we gain insight into how our brain’s receptors, processes and applications. The techniques outlined in this groundbreaking book, teach students and lifelong learners how to leverage specific tools to capitalize on anything they want to learn, and to help them WANT to learn. Anyone can find their own inner scholar with Pfaff’s method.  THE STUDENT WITHIN empowers students of all ages toward the constructive self-analysis required for truly successful life.  

The Teacher, Mike Pfaff

  •   Growing up in the blue-collar working class area of Hackensack, NJ taught Pfaff at an early age the values of hard work, courage and toughness. Named "Teacher Of The Year" at South Boston High School, he has worked in Hollywood as a Stuntman and actor, and now teaches physiology and biology in one of California’s top private schools. Currently, The Student Within brand is developing its social media base, has a YouTube channel and Pfaff is busy creating Webinars and a public speaking platform to further inspire followers.  

The Students

  •   The National Research Council states that approximately 40% of high school students are chronically detached when it comes to motivation. In the US alone, 1.2 million students drop out every year! In addition, 25% of freshmen fail to graduate on time. Out of those who go on to college, only 56% of them will graduate within 6 years. Even if a traditional school was never part of the plan, teenagers often fail to reach their full potential. In this day and age, how is this possible?  


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